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Women Attorneys of color, are you looking to reinvent yourselves?  What’s your next act? 

Strategic thinking is a Dynamic source of change.  Be Dynamic, not Static

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Jan Myers Cook, J.D.


Sister in Law,

Are you a Woman Attorney of Color who is frustrated, blocked by bias or by stereotype, or under-recognized?  Are you ready to leave the practice of law or work in a different area of law than the one in which you work?   Have you been practicing law for at least 25 years, but you feel you are not just stuck but stifled?  A national bar confirms that most minority women attorneys have considered leaving the law.  


The Challenges

  •  Many women of color reach a pivotal point in their careers or an age when being an attorney is not fulfilling.    

  • As an influencer, I can help you move past these challenges, navigate the changes and move ahead with  an accountability partner.


Personal Life Challenges 

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Exchanging Time for Money



You work so many hours it feels like you are working for free. You spend your personal time working and miss experiences that matter outside of work?  Your personal life has suffered for years because you did not have the time to develop and deeper relationships with a partner or spouse or children. 


Sacrificing Personal Well-Being

  • Even your mental health is compromised by work pressures.  Attorneys of color abuse drugs and experience depression at an alarmingly higher rates than their colleagues who are not of color.  Startling numbers of women of color have contemplated suicide.

Low expectations of your performance 

Supervising attorneys do not recognize and value your work. You can’t meet unspoken expectations by working twice as hard as other attorneys who are not of color. 

Work Challenges 


Lack of support 

You have access to fewer mentors and sponsors for support.  This has hindered your advancement and access to necessary business opportunities.

Earning Lower salaries 

Most statistics show that you are not paid salaries equal to the men doing the same professional work in your offices.

The Strategic Solution 

Be guided through a process to help you to move forward.  We work together to design the strategies for you to make changes in your personal life and career from a perspective that you have not experienced.  You can accomplish these results through individualized, client centered, strategies tailored to your needs.

Together we engage in a holistic, 4- step strategic approach, through insightful questioning and communication.  The key to the process is for you to

align who you are, with what you want, and what you value. 

Results: Accomplish the changed life!


Experiencing satisfaction by creating a personal life that you never had time to create beforehand.


Achieving success as you define it, when your professional work is valued in your space by the people who work with and for you.


Earning the income that you deserve with the autonomy to control when you work.   


Having the freedom to help others and to make a difference in your community or the world. 


Creating a life of significance by making a difference for others.



1 on 1 Coaching
Group Coaching

Leadership Training

  • Assessments

  • Public Speaking;

  • keynote presentations


  • Personal growth development 

  • Leadership development

Personal Improvement

  • Wisdom Circle

  • Observational Learning


Where can I send a complimentary PDF Self-Assesment that will reveal how you can see things differently? 

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